Waukegan Middle School needs equipment

Posted by Joe Pavone Junior Olympic Commissioner, Chicago ASA on Mar 26 2016 at 11:01AM PDT

I recently received the below email, from the Coach at Abbott Middle School, in Waukegan.
I am sure ANY help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Contact Coach Lambert at, for further details.

Good morning.
I am the softball coach at Abbott Middle School in Waukegan.
I was very excited at our information meeting to have 28 girls attend! Out of 28, 19 girls have never played before and do not have a softball glove. I have always told the girls, softball players are special people. They are some of the brightest athletes (they have to keep their grades up all school year). My daughter, Ashley is a freshman at Beloit College and she is playing softball at Beloit. She is going to college almost all on merit scholarship money, we are paying very little so it is like she is getting paid to go to school and play softball! How great is that!!!
We field 2 teams, an 8th grade team and a 6th/7th grade team. This is my 7th season coaching. For the most part, I use equipment that I own – helmets, bats, catcher’s gear, balls and training equipment.
The only things I require the girls to be responsible for are grades (if you don’t have them, you won’t be playing – you will be doing your homework), a container for water, a good attitude, purple socks and a softball glove. Not having fielding gloves is where we have problems.
I am wondering if you know of someone who could assist us in acquiring softball fielding gloves or if you could guide me to somewhere that we could reach out to.
We will begin conditioning and practice this week. Our first games are the week of April 18th.
Thank you in advance for whatever leads you may provide.

Tricia Lambert