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I bet at some point in your life someone told you that you weren’t smart enough, big enough, tough enough, or strong enough.

How did that make you feel?

If it didn’t bother you to your core, this isn’t for you, BUT if those words lit a fire that burns to this day, a fire that drives your every thought, action, and passion, then we share a common goal. To achieve the unattainable, to win when we should lose, and to look adversity in the face and tell him to buzz off.

If you have felt these feelings, if you have fought this fight, then you, my friend, are an UnderDog.

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Tim Maher has been named Commissioner of Media Relations for Chicago Metro ASA-USA Softball. Tim is a member of the 16 inch Hall of Fame and has been involved in the game for over 35 years. It is our pleasure to welcome Tim to our group.

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2018 Metro Entry Forms

Posted by Mike O'Neill at Mar 21, 2018 6:02AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

All 2018 Metro Entry Forms are posted in the “Documents” tab to the right. Please make sure you download the correct age group.


Please keep an eye out for special coupons from our new partner Dick’s Sporting Goods


ASA is proud to announce newly appointed ASA District Commissioner David Padilla. David will be in charge of all Hispanic 16 inch as well as Kelly Park, Archer Park, Generra Park, Davis Square Park, and all leagues near southwest Chicago. Mr. Padilla will also serve as Commissioner for Berwyn, Burbank, Justice, and Clyde Park in Cicero. Congratulations to Mr. Padilla and welcome to our team!