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Umpire Home Page

Welcome ASA umpires. We hope this page provides you with the information you have requested over the last few years since Ben and I have been appointed to represent you. As the season begins, we hope you take the time to spend a brief moment reviewing this page and the information we are able to provide you.

One new thing is that each year beginning December 1, we will be posting the registration form for the upcoming season. The ASA Registration is valid from January 1 through December 31. However the ASA Understands that if you are working ball games during January through March, there may be a lapse in your registration, and therefore you would be covered with your ASA insurance. However, that grace period does end March 31. So please, register early.
If you need to register, please download the form you need, and mail it along with your payment to the appropriate UIC. If you work more than one type of softball (FP/SP/MP), you can forward your registration to me. Excel forms provided here are form fill so you can edit and print so we have legable information.

This year the ASA was required to raise the dues by $5.00 due to the rising cost of insurance and operating costs. Unfortunately, I have to pass that on to you. It has been 4 years since the last dues increase, so we were all expecting this one.

Each week, I will attempt to post the most current list of Registered ASA Umpires. This list will be for the use of our tournament directors and the assignor's to verify if all the umpires working their tournaments are registered. The umpire's name will be added to the list as we get the information from your assignor's or receive the registration in the mail. This will also assist the umpire's in making sure that the assignor is forwarding on the information and the payment of the official to us.

National Umpire School:

To be eligible to work an ASA National, you must attend an ASA National Umpire School.
The 2012 ASA National Umpire School for Region 10 is being hosted by Kentucky ASA and is located in Bowling Green from February 3-5, 2012. The form can be downloaded. Please let me know if you are attending via email.

ASA Fast Pitch Umpire Camp

Umpires, this is a week long camp that will challenge your game and mechanics. This camp is run by some of the finest Fast Pitch Umpire Trainers in the world, and if your looking to be the best you can, this is the place to go. The camp is June 19 - 24, 2012 and will be in Texas. Let me know via email if you wish to attend. I will forward the application form as soon as it is available.

A special thank you to all the umpires who worked an ASA National Tournament in 2011.
This year we have 2 ASA/USA National Tournaments in Region 10 as well as 4 ASA Northern Nationals. I have openings in all of them, so if you are interested in participating, please email me ASAP. I will get contracts out by January 31, 2012 and need them back to me by February 28, 2012.

Special Recognition: Bob Selz

I would like to personall congratulate Bob Selz. Bob was selected to officiate the ASA 18U Gold National Tournament in San Diego last year. Bob has participated in the ASA National Umpire School, ASA FP Camp, worked several upper level USA/ASA National Tournaments and received "EXCELLENT" ratings at each one. The selection process begins with a recommendation by the local association UIC. The Regional UIC reviews the umpires credentials and makes recommendations to the National Office. Of the 40,000 ASA registered umpires around the country, 64 are selected by the National Umpire Staff to work this tournament. In the ASA, there are only 6 tournaments that the ASA National Office assigns. To be selected for one of these tournaments is a great honor.
Bob is well deserving of this assignment, so if you run accross him, please make sure you extend a well deserved congratulations.

Steven Verive

Fast Pitch Umpire-In-Chief at 2450 Coach and Surrey Ln. Aurora, IL 60506-4452

Phone: O : (630) 618-4136 F: (630) 701-2318 M: (630) 816-7927

Ben Singleton

Slow Pitch Umpire-In-Chief at 766 Yosemite Trail Roselle,IL 60172

Phone: (630) 980-6718